Overall Winners

Overall Winners will receive the following:

  • Champion Ring
  • Overall Trophy
  • Men’s or Women’s Watch
  • Paid Entry to NPC Nationals or NPC USA’s
    Maximum Amount Paid $300
    Reimbursement must be used in the same year you qualify


Trainer Champion Ring

(1) Trainer with the most points will be awarded the
Overall Champion Ring on stage. 

Trainer Point System
(Based on client’s placing in the show )
▪️10 pts – Overall Winner
▪️5 pts – 1st Placing
▪️4 pts – 2nd Placing
▪️3 pts – 3rd Placing
▪️2 pts – 4th Placing
▪️1 pt – 5th Placing

Trainers: If you are interested in competing for the Champion Ring at one of our shows, please email Betty Pariso.

Goodie Bags!

Every athlete will get to stop by the Competitor Goodie Table and grab some sweets & giveaway items when you check-in. This is our treat for all of your hard work. Thank you for choosing our event.  

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