Exhibitor Set-up Information


Dallas USA Fit Games
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
650 S. Griffin St. Dallas, TX 75202

Saturday, June 15, 2024
8:00 am – 10:00 pm


Please visit our website for Expo Times, Hotel & Convention Center Information. 


Our show manager is in charge of answering all logistical questions that may pertain to setting up your booth. Please reach out to Steve Straka if you have any questions.

Steve Straka
Show Manager
Vision Star Entertainment, Inc.



Hyatt Regency Dallas
300 Reunion Blvd.
Dallas, TX  75207

Special Room Rate


Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
650 S. Griffin St. Dallas, TX 75202


Parking & Transportation


Loading Dock Info:
There will be designated unloading areas for you to unload.  Please make sure you bring your own cart unless you want to pay for a service.  The convention center has a rule that you only have 30 mins to unload your vehicle and move it off of the docks.  They will be enforcing the 30 min time frame and will write tickets or tow people who are not compliant….. so please unload quickly and move your vehicle off of the dock.  More info on parking and rates can be found on the convention center website. Loading Dock Link – http://www.dallasconventioncenter.com/exhibitors/docks

Set up times
Friday June 14
1:00pm – 8:00pm

Saturday June 15
6:00am – 7:30am
Booth must be set up by the time the doors open at 8am.

Move out time

Saturday June 15
Immediately following the closing of the expo.


Check out the expo map any time on our website. If you just paid for your booth and do not see your booth located on the map, it will be updated within the next few days. https://www.usafitgames.com/cities/dallas/floor-plan/


10×10 booth

  • Pipe & drape (back of your booth – pipe & drape is 8ft tall)
  • (1) 6ft skirted table
  • (2) chairs
  • (1) trash can


10×20 booth 

  • Pipe & drape (back of your booth – pipe & drape is 8ft tall)
  • (2) 6ft skirted tables
  • (4) chairs
  • (1) trash can


20×20 booth

  • Pipe & drape (back of your booth – pipe & drape is 8ft tall)
  • Up to (4) 6ft skirted tables
  • (8) chairs
  • (1) trash can


Vendor Badges are for the people working your booth. They must have a vendor badge on to be inside the expo at any time. They may pick up their vendor badges during set up at the VENDOR CHECK-IN BOOTH. This is located at the back dock during set up hours. If your booth workers are picking up their badges while the expo is going on, the Vendor Check-in Booth is located in the lobby by the ticketing area. If you need additional badges they are $50 each. These can be purchased on-site at the Vendor Check-in booth.


Vendor Badge Count
10×10 Inline – 4 badges
10×10 Corner – 4 badges
10×20 Gold – 8 Badges
20×20 Island Booth – 12 Badges
VIP Sponsor – 12 Badges
TITLE Sponsor – 15 Badges


GEMS is excited to return as the Expo Service Provider for the USA Fit Games! Our services include material handling for all freight, forklift service, labor for installation and dismantling, standard and custom furniture rental, carpet and booth cleaning.

We are excited to offer an easy way to view show info, place booth orders, find links to electrical information and download shipping labels through our online ordering portal! You will receive an email containing your log in credentials from orders@gemsevents.com. If you have not received your login information, please be sure to check your junk/spam folder and if you still don’t see it, please email me at jill@gemsevents.com and I will resend it. ALL GEMS ORDERS MUST BE PLACED ONLINE THROUGH THE PORTAL. As always, please feel free to contact me if you should have any questions.


Contact for GEMS
Jillian Zinkus
Exhibitor Services Manager
12684 International Parkway
Dallas, TX 75228
Office 214.388.5722 x1
Fax 214.388.5442
Offices: Orlando, FL / Dallas, TX / Detroit, MI


The KBHCC has recently changed the way they handle exhibitor electric for booths and we now have to bring in an outside provider to assist with our event’s electrical needs.  That being said, our exclusive event electrical provider is Edlen Electric.  They have provided a flyer (listed below) with info regarding ordering electrical service for your booth and prefer all exhibitors order through their online ordering system.  If  you have any questions pertaining to electrical service we have provided a contact below who will be able to assist you.  There will be a $25 processing fee for any manual orders placed outside of their online ordering system.

Exclusive Electrical Service Provider for Dallas USA Fit Games:


Edlen Electric

Brian Fischer
Office phone: (682)410-9336
Office email: dallas@edlen.com



The KBHCC has one exclusive internet provider Smart City who handles all of the internet in the entire venue.  If you need just a simple wireless internet access or need services with speeds capable of streaming, Smart City will be the provider you will need to order through or speak to regarding pricing for their services. ***Note: Streaming services through Smart City can be very expensive so if that is something you are interested in please contact them to quote in advance.  The cost for those faster internet services may come with sticker shock so be sure to get a price upfront.

Exclusive Internet Service Provider for Dallas USA Fit Games:

Smart City

Gabria Trimble
CSSR, Customer Sales & Service
Smart City Networks – Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas
O: (214)853-8900
D: (214)853-8115

Email: GTrimble@smartcity.com


If you plan on sampling any food/beverage related items at the event please contact our director of sampling, Steve Straka, first and foremost.  He will be able to guide you through the process and help tell you what is necessary to be food/beverage compliant with the City of Dallas Health Dept and Centerplate Catering/Concessions. Please email Steve with answers to these questions below and he will get back in touch with you to discuss.  Contact info for Steve is below as well.


  1. What do you plan on sampling (types of food/beverages) ?
    • Example – BCAA post work out recovery drinks in multiple flavors or RTD protein drinks or sample portions of healthy meals offered by subscription Salmon w/ wild rice meal)
  2. Amount you plan on sampling out to each attendee ? 
    • Example – 3oz dixie cup of energy drink or 2oz sample of a protein bar
    • Full size samples (whole can/bar) may require buyout fees and Steve will get with you directly to discuss. 
  3. Are any of your products not shelf stable and require refrigeration upon receipt of incoming freight?
    • Example – egg whites or yogurt.



Steve Straka
Director of Sampling / Show Manager
Email:  steve@usafitgames.com or xdsevents@gmail.com



Please only proceed to these next steps after you have spoken to Steve Straka and he has instructed you to do so.  



Please make sure to also complete the Centerplate Food/Beverage Sampling form and send it to the contact listed below before moving onto the health department requirements.

Amy Vance
Catering Sales Manager 
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas 
650 South Griffin Street 
Dallas, TX 75202
(P) 214-743-2514   
(F) 214-743-2515  
(E) Amy.Vance@centerplate.com 




Everyone who is sampling food or beverages at the event is required to have a temporary special event food permit for their booth onsite.  You will need to contact the City of Dallas Consumer Health Department to obtain a temporary special event food permit by setting up an in person appointment (scheduling is about a week out) or via mail (which you would need to handle 2+ weeks prior to the event).  We have listed their office contact info below so feel free to reach out to them directly with any questions.

City of Dallas Department of Code Compliance
Consumer Health Division
7901 Goforth Rd.
Dallas, TX 75238

Phone:  (214)670-8083

Please click this link below to access the site that will walk you through the process of acquiring a special event food permit.




To help our exhibitors GEMS has put together a code compliance kit that contains all of the items you would need in order to be compliant onsite.  Information on this service and ordering instructions can be found in the virtual exhibitor kit.  You can also order them directly from Jill at GEMS and her contact info is listed below as well.

Jillian Zinkus
12684 International Parkway
Dallas, TX 75228
Office 214.388.5722 x1
Fax 214.388.5442
Offices: Orlando, FL / Dallas, TX / Detroit, MI  


We require all booths who will be engaging in attendee participation onsite to have insurance on file with us.  You will need to have us listed as additionally insured for the duration of the event and please list us as you see below.  Also, there is a sample certificate you can download so you can pass it onto your insurance provider.  You will be required to have insurance on file if you plan on sampling food/beverages onsite, have a contest in your that engages attendees, or are preforming any procedures in your booth (IE teeth whitening, massage therapies, or body composition testing)

Vision Star Entertainment Inc.
PO Box 210145
Bedford, TX 76095

If you have any questions regarding insurance or whether your company needs to have insurance on file, please reach out to our show manager, Steve Straka.

Sample COI Participants


Staff Log in Link

Your staff list of who is working your booth will need to be finalized 1-2 weeks before the event.  You will receive an email from Steve Straka at that time. It will include your login credentials to input your staff list into the system. You will be able edit the staff list at any time. You can reach out directly to him, if you did not receive the email.


We have listed our logo and several different graphics you can utilize on your social media below.

Feel free to plug in your logo on the Booth Graphics, or CREATE YOUR OWN graphic advertising you will be at the event! Please TAG US, so we can share these on our pages.


USA Fit Games Logo: If you are using your phone, hold down right below the logo and it will save to your phone. If you are using a desktop, just right click and save as. These are transparent backgrounds on both logos.


If you plan on having music at your booth, please read and sign this music waiver and submit back to our show manager, Steve Straka.

Music Policy Form


We want each and every one of you to have a successful weekend at the expo. It’s important to remember it’s all about engaging with the consumer.

How do you plan on drawing consumers to your booth? Creativity is key. Sampling and passing out giveaways are a great way to create a buzz at your booth, but a lot of companies incorporate more interaction. Some examples are: Spin the wheel for a prize, push up contests for t-shirts, competitions against other attendees for a grand prize.

Utilize this customer interaction to gather attendees’ contact information for FUTURE SALES. A lot of companies do this by bringing in their own iPads to capture the info of each attendee. This is a great way to continue to sell your products to the consumer after the initial interaction.


At all of our expos you are able to bring in your own product and set up your booth on your own. We do however have a general contractor on-site, GEMS, to help with any additional assistance or items you may need. These items do come with an additional cost.

We just wanted to re-emphasize that the USA Fit Games are a family friendly fitness event.  Any promotional materials including, banners, signage, shirts (for giveaway or purchase) and all marketing materials need to be free of obscenities, nudity, and/or profane language on our show floor (including music).  If we see any banners or graphics that are unacceptable we will come up and discuss options with you personally on the show floor.  Lastly if we see anyone wearing unacceptable clothing, we will ask them to cover it up and/or put other clothing on while at the event.  Individuals who fail to comply will be removed from the show floor as necessary.

We strive to make this a well rounded family friendly fitness event and appreciate all of your cooperation in this manner.
If you have any questions about what might be prohibited for display on our show floor just shoot our show manager an email for clarification.